Dusum Khyenpa Statue and Relics Arrive
As Singapore Celebrates Karmapa 900

(May 2, Singapore) Singapore marked the second spot on the annual Karmapa 900 event map, with a daylong event over which His Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche presided. Approximately 800 people attended, including three rinpoches, five khenpos, 92 other ordained sangha members and an additional 700 devotees. The celebration took place at the Singapore Tai Pei Buddhist Centre, and was organized by Karma Kagyu Choe Gong Kuen Zangling Buddhist Centre.

A precious statue of Dusum Khyenpa was escorted in to the center at the opening of the Singapore Kagyu Monlam, which took place during the two days immediately preceding the Karmapa 900 celebration. A procession bearing a portrait of His Holiness and the sacred statue of Dusum Khyenpa was led by Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche, presiding master for Karmapa 900 in Singapore. The sacred statue was then placed on the table beside the Gyalwang Karmapa’s throne, and served as a visible reminder of the presence of the Karmapa’s blessing and care for all those assembled.

As part the celebration of Karmapa 900, rare and special holy objects were also displayed, including a mother black Pill by Khakhyab Dorje (the Fifteenth Karmapa), a bone relic of Marpa Lotsawa and a hat of Lord Gampopa. In addition, to support His Holiness’ aim of educating and inspiring, Karmapa: 900 Years books, one in English and one in Chinese, were offered free of charge to all attendees.

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