International Karmapa 900 Launched in Indonesia; Ancient Site of Borobudur Hosts First Global Event

(April 24, Borobudur) Over 200 people joined together in the ancient Buddhist site of Borobudur to celebrate the very first international Karmapa 900, on the island of Java in Indonesia. Karma Khenchen Rinpoche presided, as Indonesia inaugurated a yearlong series of events outside India that collectively will extend the blessings of the Karmapa lineage throughout the world.

To open the commemoration, Karma Khenchen Rinpoche led a ceremonial honor guard in escorting a remarkable statue of Dusum Khyenpa, the First Karmapa, to the Karmapa 900 celebration site. Appropriately enough, the 900TH birth anniversary was held at the Lumbini section of the massive Borobudur stupa complex. The statue was welcomed with great respect and formed a focus of the event, conferring the blessings of the Karmapa lineage, and serving as a base of inspiration and merit for all those gathered. Tulku Pasang Rinpoche further bestowed the blessings of a treasure trove of relics, including a robe of Dusum Khyenpa and a relic of a hat of the First Karmapa’s own lama, Lord Gampopa.

Along with participants from all across the Indonesian archipelago—from Surabaya to Medan to Batam to Jakarta and Bali—the Karmapa 900 celebration attracted students form Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Those in attendance included special guests from the Indonesian Department of Culture and Tourism, Archeological Department and Religion Departments. The Indonesian Karmapa 900 was organized by the Karma Triyana Dharma Center.

The organizers undertook to translate and publish an Indonesian-language edition of the Karmapa: 900 Years that was composed under His Holiness’ guidance and launched during the Karmapa 900 opening ceremony in Bodhgaya. As one attendee noted, this is the first publication of any sort in the Indonesian language that offers clear information on the Kagyu lineage. The book was distributed free of charge to all those attending the Karmapa 900 celebration. On the whole, the organizers commented that the Karmapa 900 had enjoyed great success in accomplishing the aims His Holiness had set for the events: to educate the public about the Karmapa lineage and to inspire and deepen practitioners’ connection to the lineage.

The Indonesian Karmapa 900 event was held immediately following their celebration of a two-day Kagyu Monlam prayer gathering. The three days of joyful virtue included the planting of trees and the offering of food to less advantages members of the local community in the afternoon. In this way, the event embodied His Holiness’ commitment to not only aspire and pray, but also act on our aspirations for the wellbeing of the world.

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